This is the most failed webpage seen by the world!


 Not like switching to a computer will help you, but uh,.... So... go out and type in  http colon slash slash jklmnop dot synthasite dot com. ( PS I upgraded to Yolasite... you can still type in but it will still redirect to here. I have also changed website style so Firefox users galore! May Firefox and generally Mozilla always be better than Microsoft! Firefox kicks Microsoft  ( !!!

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jklmnop Recommended Software (titles marked in red are winners) for 2009:
Free Antivirus - AVG Free =
Free Video Editor - Avidemux =
Free MULTIMEDIA Editor/Converter SUITE - Format Factory =
Free Audio Converter - Audio Encoder =
Free Video Converter - Any Video Converter =
Free Text Editor - AbiWord  (can read and write to .doc files) or = (remember, it's just like MS Office, just free and by Sun)
Free Web Browser - Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome =
Firefox -
Chrome -
Free P2P and Torrent Client - Frostwire (won't give you viruses) or uTorrent
Free Media Player - VLC Media Player (for multi-format people)
RealPlayer (for multi-media people, can download from Youtube)
RealPlayer -
You can get more for free from Google - 

The art design is by Jackson Pollock. Flash by WidgetBox.

"You're Going," by The Atomic Overflow from the album "Get Out, Go Home, and Cry," 2009 

That's my band that kinda just failed.

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