if mouse does not work, UNPLUG AND REPLUG into USB port


to find and put files on a USB flash drive, go to (MY COMPUTER) and then (REMOVABLE DISK) or whatever you named it and then place your files in


this is just in case you want to open one of these links and so you don't have to open a new window.


USB-universal Serial bus

AES-encryption-password-protection feature

Mini-B-psp usb type

32-bit- color compression

MS- microsoft

OS-operating system

FAT- type of hard disk drive


to hack and get cfw:


1.00-1.50 do not need

2.00-4.95 can use file (put in ms0==>PSP===>GAME) or Pandora Battery and MMS, refer to wiki ((PSP WIKI)

4.95-5.03 or 5.50 only can used Pandora Battery and Magic memory stick

i don't know where to buy Pandora, so don't ask me!



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