hey there here are some tips and tricks for general uses:


if Internet Explorer is not responding and you cant seem to close it, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE  and select 'Task Manager.' In some cases, it will just pop up. Then click on the 'Processes' tab and find iexplorer.exe. If you have multiple internet explorers open, close them all except the inresponsive one. If all of them are inresponsive, repeat the next step with all the iexplorer.exe  s you can find. click on 'iexplorer.exe' once. it should say your username  under the 'Description column. if it doesn't, leave it alone. Select 'End Process' near the bottom of the window. it will ask you to confirm the operation . it will not damage or harm your CPU if the Decription says your username, (ex. Jacob'). The inresponsive window should diappear immediately.


when you click the X on a window, Windows creates another process to end the program you clicked X on. Sometimes if you have to much programs open, the ending process gets stuck. If you click 'End Process' , you have just done the ending process's job. The ending process goes away and ends it self when it automatically detcts its job has been completed.

Another tip:
When you find fault in Windows and Mac, go to http://www.linux.org/ and get a Distribution of Linux for free! (pref. Ubuntu)




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